Luck and Caz: A Webcomic!

Welcome to Luck and Caz!

Luck and Caz is about a girl named Luck (who doesn’t have any) and her devil companion, Caz (who tries to help).

LUCK: luckk    Yum! : CAZ

Together they are constantly finding themselves in unfortunate situations.

Creator Status: LUCK & CAZ INKTOBER 2020!! (All Month Long!)


What’s your update schedule?


Luck & Caz is is like a child I love and give attention to without spoiling it. I work full-time and make comics when I can. I hope you enjoy the stories I make for Luck and Caz as much I as I adore creating them.


I participate in Inktober to the best of my ability. The daily commitment challenge is fun and I enjoy the community!


Anyone who knows me knows that art is not my only hobby! Every November I participate in NaNoWriMo. I can’t make promises for comics in November because I spend so much time writing! December is my winter break! My job that pays the bills becomes really demanding in December to the point that I don’t even try to be creative when I finally get to come home. I try and rest and read and refill the creativity well!


What do you make Luck and Caz with?

I make Luck and Caz in a program called Clipstudio. I draw it using a Ugee Pen/Tablet. (Started with a Wacom Bamboo tablet).


Where’s that white cat?


The white cat is the character named Husband. Husband is a Patreon exclusive character who appears in Patron only comics. Want to read his comics? Join Luck and Caz’s patreon page HERE.